Reflexology requires a skilled application of pressure to the reflex points on the feet to restore the body’s natural balance or homeostasis.

The human body must be seen as an amazing machine of both healthy body and mind working in harmony to maintain perfect health. Stress on one area of the body results in everything else under pressure working harder to compensate. Long term this can lead to illness and disease.

Reflexology is a safe, relaxing and extremely effective therapy to bring relief from all kindsof conditions effecting both mind and body. The feet can be seen as a map of the entire body with all the organs, glands, joints and muscles represented. The right foot representing the right side of the body, the left representing the left side of the body.

Benefits include :reflexology_2_small

Relieve stress and tension
Improved blood circulation
Improved lymphatic circulation
Promote unblocking of nerve impulses
Achieve homeostasis
Balancing of the endocrine system
Calmness of mind