A course and a journey all in one! Sarah has an amazing gift to teach in a way that inspires and motivates. i wish I could do it all again! (Student Totnes Autumn Course 2021)

I had the best learning experience on the Totnes course and am sad it is all over. Would 100% recommend. Now considering other courses provided by the Devon School of Reflexology. (Student Totnes Autumn Course 2021)

Absolutely Fabulous Course. Been interested in doing this for a long time. So glad I did it. Highly recommend Sarah-Very informative teacher. (Student Totnes Autumn course 2021)

Sarah is an excellent teacher, her delivery was always interesting, encouraging and highly informative. I am now well equipped to begin a career as a Reflexologist and I am proud to say I studied at the Devon School of Reflexology. (Student Exeter Autumn Course 2021)

This is the most fun learning I have ever done! I’ve had the best journey learning how to practice Reflexology and made some wonderful friends along the way. Thank you Sarah! (Student Exeter Autumn course 2021)

I have really enjoyed my time on the course. Sarah is an excellent teacher. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about Reflexology. She fosters a really supportive and kind learning environment. (Student Exeter Autumn course 2021)

Thank you Sarah. It has been an Amazing experience. I feel I have grown so much more than the course brief! (Student Totnes Autumn Course 2021)

I thoroughly enjoyed the course: It awakened my brain matter that had laid dormant for some time and introduced me to some truly wonderful and inspiring women. And of course-to a Brilliant teacher! Your calm and deeply reassuring teaching style was just what was needed to guide us through a course overshadowed by the pandemic. I miss our sessions. (Student Totnes Autumn Course 2021)

I would like to say a massive Thank you for delivering such an enjoyable course. Your teaching methods allowed me to learn and absorb information again, which is something I wasn’t convinced I would be able to do. You are truly an Exceptional Tutor. (Student Spring Course 2021)

At the start of September 2020, I knew that I didn’t want to spend yet another lock down ‘vegetating’, so I opted to do something I’ve wanted to do for a number of years. It is a decision that I have not regretted for one minute!The journey has enabled me to explore a passion I had as a teenager….’Anatomy & Physiology, and Pathologies’ with the added bonus of Reflexology! I really enjoyed the course, both the theory and practical aspects and have found your enthusiasm for both to be the key to spur me on, either in the early morning or late evenings. Thank you so much for your encouragement throughout. (Student Autumn Course 2020)

Thank you so much. You have been an Amazing and Inspirational Teacher and I cannot recommend your course highly enough. Please let me know if you are running any further courses. (Student Spring Course 2020)

 I am completely stunned as I have never had such good grades on ‘any’ of my studies in the past. I must give you the credit for the inspiring way in which you teach and encourage! Thank you so very much. ( Student Spring Course 2020)

Excellent Course-Really has ignited my fire for Reflexology! (Student Spring Course 2020)

Really Enjoyable Course, met a Wonderful group of like minded people who I will be keeping in touch with. Great teaching from well experienced and Knowledgeable practitioner. (Student Spring Course 2020)

Best Course I have ever been on, and I have learnt and grown as a person. (Student Spring Course 2020)

A very thorough, accessible course taught with clarity and insight from extensive experience. Very enjoyable and an excellent grounding for my new career. Thank you! (Student Spring Course 2020)

The Skills and Knowledge gained not only helped my understanding of how to improve my own well-being but help others improve their well-being too. (Student Spring Course 2020)

Sarah Jane is such an Inspirational Teacher, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Holistic therapy. She guided us all through the course at a steady pace and encouraged us to find our own personal approach in the most supportive way. (Student Spring Course 2020)

Thank you so much for all your help and for opening up a whole new world. (Student Autumn course 2020)

We have enjoyed an Incredible Journey at the Devon School of Reflexology over the last year and a bit. Even with Covid, Sarah has been incredibly supportive and shared her amazing knowledge of Reflexology with us. Thank you!(Student Autumn Course 2020)

September 2020 will be a pivotal time in my life when I took the plunge and decided to sign up for the course in Reflexology. Since then I have marveled at just how much our feet and hands can tell us-using the many, invaluable skills you have taught us throughout the course. Sarah-THANK YOU for all your encouragement, motivation-when we were in lock down, and support whilst I struggled juggling the course with personal life events that kept surfacing. (Student Autumn Course 2020)

I am thrilled to be able to finally practice. Thank you so much. You have been an amazing and inspirational teacher and I cannot recommend your course highly enough. (Student Autumn course 2020)

The course was very informative and engaging, and even in the tough times of Covid-19 you managed to reinvent the way you taught in order to motivate and uplift us during these strange times. Thank you so much for all of the hard work and incredible knowledge you have shared. (Student Autumn course 2020)

Thank you so much for all your feedback and support. This is the best day and totally life changing. (Student Autumn course 2020)

I am thrilled with your feedback and it reinforces my belief that I have chosen a career that will sue my previous knowledge and skills in Nursing. Thank you so much. (Student Autumn course 2020)

Thanks to all your expert instruction, as well as brilliant teaching and inspiration. I am so glad I found you and took that giant scary career leap! Thank you so much ( Student Autumn course 2020)

The Principal of the center is ultra-organised and continues to produce all documentation to fulfill all the criteria that the Examining board require. Sarah has a good relationship with her Internal Moderator and the learners have been extremely happy with the set-up, running and assessment of the course. Sarah’s organisational skills and interpersonal skills make this course an Exemplary one. (External Moderator Report March 2020)

The Course is well taught and covers everything needed to set-up as a professional Reflexologist. Sarah is a passionate and knowledgeable teacher. (Student Spring Course 2019)

Absolute insight into Reflexology and leaving the course with great confidence. Very Intensive course, but great knowledge gained. (Student Spring Course 2019)

I have enjoyed all aspects of the course and I feel I have been given the tools and knowledge to set up as an independent Reflexologist. Thank you very much. (Student Spring Course 2019)

The teaching was Outstanding!!!It was Sarah’s teaching that drew me to the course and she did not disappoint-Can’t thank Sarah enough for her time, enthusiasm and expertise. A Super supportive Tutor. I have never come across a tutor that is so supportive, and her enthusiasm is so infectious. I would highly recommend this truly amazing course and don’t bother looking elsewhere. Loved it!!!! (Student Spring Course 2018)


I am so over the moon with happiness to be qualified!!!!Thank you so much for being a total inspiration and a life changing teacher. Reflexology has made an enormous difference in my life. (Student Spring Course 2018)

I Fully enjoyed my Reflexology course with Sarah and I am sad that it is over.Sarah’s enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge are first class. I wish she did further Education in Reflexology. (Student Spring Course 2018)


I want to say Thank you,the course have been inspirational. You have been life changing so thank you very much. I cannot wait to qualify as a Reflexologist and I will say is again,this course has been the best I have ever done and you are a fantastic individual and I am glad to have met you. (Student Spring Course 2018)

Dear Sarah-Thank you so much You are a wonderful teacher who lives and breathes Reflexology and I have been so grateful for your support and encouragement throughout the course-and afterwards!I was so delighted to have been awarded a Distinction it has given me a sense of great satisfaction and a boost to my confidence at this stage in my life. It has made all the hours of commitment to study worthwhile. Thanks for everything. (Student Autumn Course 2018)


This course has excelled my expectations. Sarah teaches with a passion and knowledge that comes across in each of her teaching days….Support is always ongoing and I always felt no query was too small. I am so pleased to have made the leap and would recommend this course to anyone considering studying to become a Reflexologist. (Student 2018)

The Devon School of Reflexology is just wonderful. Sarah is truly an inspirational lady who has an unbelievably wealth of knowledge and experience for you to tap into and utilize. She makes you feel welcome and safe, no question or answer is silly and she guides your mind to find solutions for itself. Interestingly enough, I also started to feel healthier myself. As we went through the course, we gave each other regular treatments and I am sure this contributed to my feeling of well-being as well as growing my awareness of health issues in general. (Student 2018)

Sarah is a brilliant candidate for the inspirational tutor award because her passion for reflexology is evident and this is captivating. As a student of Sarah’s I feel her skill of passing on her passion in inspirational it is clear it is more a way of life and most certainly her calling on life. (Inspirational Tutor Award 2017) 


Sarah is a huge inspiration to all of her students. She makes all of the learning interesting and inspires her students to want to learn more. She is not only very professional, but a wonderful person who cares dearly about Reflexology as a profession. I feel the training I have received is above and beyond what Sarah is expected to deliver. She is working hard to help us to not only become reflexologists but to become really good reflexologists who represent reflexology and the A.O.R in a very positive light. 

Sarah is always available to ask for help and advice throughout the training. Her constant support and encouragement have helped me to achieve my learning objectives and to reach my personal goals. (Inspirational Tutor Award 2017)


Sarah is totally inspiring, extremely good at what she does and puts in a huge amount of work marking vast amounts of work for us. I feel my own skills are so much better for her fantastic teaching and am very glad to have chosen her course over the others on offer…. The level of care about our individual learning and experience and her availability between teaching sessions for endless support and questions. (Inspirational Tutor award 2017)


Sarah is an Inspirational Tutor. She has a very natural way of teaching the complexities of anatomy and physiology which make it easier to learn and understand.Approachable and informed, Sarah creates a positive learning atmosphere for all of the students. She has enhanced my experience of this course and I am looking forward to starting my Reflexology career.

The practical side of the course was the highlight for me-learning the reflexology techniques from the first teaching day. Sarah’s own development comes originally from the founder of Reflexology in the U.K, which is hugely inspiring in itself! (Inspirational Tutor Award 2017)

May I say once more how thrilled I was to read through and make notes again about the high standards of work that your learners produce. You have again produced some excellent learners. (A.B.C External Moderator 2016)

Learning Reflexology through the Devon School, has been a wonderful process. Sarah is very supportive of each individual learner’s needs. The course is very comprehensive and leaves you feeling confident to practice. (Student 2016)

Excellent course if you are prepared to work hard!Not for the lazy!!If you do work hard, you will reap the rewards. Don’t go into this course thinking it will be easy.(Student 2016)

Thank you Sarah for your support and guidance. You enabled an enormous amount of work to seem manageable. Iv’e so enjoyed your teaching style and positive approach. I also feel that you have enabled me to feel clear and confident about offering Reflexology to the public. (Student 2016)

In depth thorough training taught in an individual way for each person. Did not feel just being pushed through like a sausage factory. (Student 2016)

A very informative interesting course taught in a relaxed environment. Sarah has a great manner and is very supportive and encouraging.I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about Reflexology.(Student 2016)

I have loved the course and will greatly miss coming to study but am looking forward to a new journey in a Reflexology career. (Student 2016)

Sarah has such a passion for Reflexology and is a fantastic tutor.She explains everything thoroughly and is able to make me feel at ease with both the practical and theoretical side of training.She genuinely cares about every student and is really interested and encouraging when hearing about our case studies.She is always at the end of the telephone or email and it is a pleasure to learn form her.Her knowledge and experience of Reflexology is incredible and it gives me such confidence as a student to learn from such a capable tutor.(A.O.R Inspirational Tutor of the year Award 2014)

Sarah is a great teacher. She is friendly and always there to help.She works hard to train more students whilst keeping her own practice going as well as running the local area group.( A.O.R Tutor award 2014)

I think her hard work and knowledge of Reflexology should be celebrated.(A.O.R Tutor award 2014)

Sarah is an inspirational teacher (A.O.R Tutor award 2014)

Sarah is always happy,up-beat and welcoming. Sarah has a true passion for Reflexology and it shines through within her lessons.Sarah demonstrates a very accepting attitude towards all class members by showing an openness to new ways of thinking and values other people’s experiences. (A.O.R Tutor award 2014)

Sarah was a truly inspirational teacher who has a wealth of knowledge she is willing to share.Even now that I have qualified and have my own business she is always available to ask a question.Each one of us was made to feel we could do it, even when we often doubted ourselves, and she was always there to offer support and some of her amazing cakes.I have qualified feeling that I am a very good therapist, that I have been taught to the highest standard, and my clients agree- I consider that is all because of Sarah.(A.O.R Tutor award 2014)

Sarah is very positive and amiable.She is very good at putting understanding into her training for the students and is flexible in her ways of teaching.She works with the students to help find them the best way forward in their work.(A.O.R Tutor award 2014)

Sarah is also very good at baking and always made lovely flapjacks to nurture her students.( A.O.R Tutor award)

Sarah also does a lot of work in the community for charity events etc.She also runs the local area Reflexology group.( A.O.R Tutor award 2014)

I valued her total commitment to her class, her empathy and gentle nature, and her ability to adapt to the requests for different ways to teach the subjects that made it easier for me as I am severly dyslexic.(A.O.R Tutor award 2104)

That I have been able to qualify as a very confident and competent therapist.I felt valued and nurtured as a member of the class.(A.O.R Tutor award 2104)

“What amazing work!!Your students are fantastic!!And your paperwork is top notch and extremely easy to follow!The work is outstanding, took me ages to read and was SO fascinating!”(A.B.C Awards External Moderator 2013)

“I have gained a lot of knowledge, skill and confidence during this course. I feel that the course offers a great range of information to enable me to feel confident and professional”(Student 2013)

“I would recommend this course to anyone looking to venture into Reflexology-It is interesting and informative, and a great positive move forward to a new career.”(Student 2013)

“I enjoyed the course and learnt and updated my knowledge. Sarah was experienced and willing to share her own knowledge and ideas to support and guide us.”(Student 2013)

“Having known nothing before, Sarah has been an excellent and patient teacher!”(Student 2012)

“Excellent course. Sarah is a great tutor with a wealth of knowledge.Sarah was always very supportive throughout the course.”(Student 2012)

“Business unit useful and really helped setting up new practice. Sarah is a relaxed and fun teacher of Reflexology.Her passion for the art of Reflexology is clear and she is a constant source of positivity, encouragement and support.”(Student 2012)

“It was excellent to be able to attend an open clinic and talk to the tutor to discuss the course content( and look at the bibliography beforehand).It was a lot more content than I had expected but I fell very confident I have the necessary knowledge to offer professional treatments.”(Student 2012)

“I feel we have been trained to a high standard-therefore confident to be a Reflexologist. I feel confident to go and charge for treatments.”(Student 2012)

“I think the teaching exceeded the level required.Fantastic course, would recommend the course to anyone wanting to become a Reflexologist. It was informative,enjoyable and value for money.I feel that as a result of good teaching on the course I will be offering very professional and effective treatments for my clients.”(Student 2012)