Course Dates


DAY 1. Introduce Reflexology: History/Principles/Theories/Contra- Indications/Examination of the Feet/Reflexes & Cross-Reflexes.PRACTICAL:Massage Techniques.


DAY 2. Revision of Above/Professionalism & Ethics/Consultation process/Prepare a Treatment plan/Introducing Case Studies.PRACTICAL:Revision of Massage Techniques/Full Feet Treatment.

DAY 3. Discuss Self-employment/Business unit/Introduction to ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY.PRACTICAL:Full Feet Treatment.

DAY 4. A&P-Organisation of the body/Integumentary System.PRACTICAL:Hand Reflexology.

DAY 5. A&P-Skeletal & Muscular Systems. PRACTICAL:Hands and Feet/Applied Reflexology.

DAY 6. A&P- Nervous System.PRACTICAL:Hands and Feet/Applied Reflexology.

DAY 7. A&P-Endocrine & Respiratory Systems/PRACTICAL: Hands and Feet/Applied Reflexology/linking techniques

DAY 8. A&P-Cardiovascular & Lymphatic Systems. PRACTICAL:Advanced techniques/Meridian Therapy/Acupressure points.

DAY 9. A&P-Digestive & Urinary systems. PRACTICAL EXAM 1-OPEN CLINIC/Applied Reflexology

DAY 10. A&P-Reproductive system/Reproductive Reflexology. PRACTICAL EXAM 2: OPEN CLINIC/Applied Reflexology

DAY 11. Complementary Therapies Unit. PRACTICAL EXAM 3:OPEN CLINIC

DAY 12. Healthy Eating unit/Prepare a Business plan/Course review/Celebration Lunch! PRACTICAL:Taster sessions


Each Course takes place over 12 teaching days over the duration of 12 months, on either one Sunday a month or one Wednesday a month.

All teaching days take place at the Exeter Natural Health Centre and the Totnes Natural Health Centre from 10.00am- 17.00pm.

For details and directions of the centres please go to:

New Year Exeter Course 2021-Now Taking Applications

  1. Sunday 17th January 2021
  2. Sunday 21st February
  3. Sunday 21st March
  4. Sunday 18th April
  5. Sunday 16th May
  6. Sunday 20th June
  7. Sunday 18th July
  8. Sunday 8th August
  9. Sunday 19th September
  10. Sunday 17th October
  11. Sunday 21st November
  12. Sunday 12th December


1.Wednesday 9th September 2020

2. Wednesday 7th October

3.Wednesday 4th November

4. Wednesday 2nd December

5. Wednesday 6th January 2021

6.Wednesday 3rd February

7. Wednesday 3rd March

8. Wednesday 7th April

9. Wednesday 5th May

10. Wednesday 9th June

11. Wednesday 7th July

12. Wednesday 4th August

Exeter Autumn Course 2020-Fully Subscribed

 1.Sunday 13th September 2020

2. Sunday 11th October 

3.Sunday 8th November

4.Sunday 13th December

5.Sunday 10th January 2021

6.Sunday 14th February

7.Sunday 14th March

8.Sunday 11th April

9.Sunday 9th May

10.Sunday 13th June

11.Sunday 11th July

12.Sunday 1st August

Totnes Autumn Course 2020-Fully Subscribed

  1. Sunday 27th September 2020
  2. Sunday 25th October
  3. Sunday 22nd November
  4. Sunday 20th December
  5. Sunday 24th January 2021
  6. Sunday 28th February
  7. Sunday 28th March
  8. Sunday 25th April
  9. Sunday 23rd May
  10. Sunday 27th June
  11. Sunday 25th July
  12. Sunday 15th August