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We are very excited to branch out our availability for students to be able to learn Reflexology from all around the World, with a new website offering Expert Online Tuition from Award Winning Tutor of the Devon School of Reflexology Sarah Jane Holt-Now available to subscribe to and learn from home.

During the last few difficult years of being faced with a Global Pandemic, many people have had to work form home and learn online, including our learners from the Devon School of Reflexology.

We have had to adapt the way we teach and deliver courses, with more online learning, filming of the course content, online meetings with the wonderful way in which technology can help us all remotely.

This has led us to embrace these technological advantages as never before, and combine our classroom experiences with both face to face tutorial time as well as recording all aspects of the course, both theoretical and practical,so students can watch as revision in their own time.

Further to the many inquiries from all around the world to learn with the Devon School of Reflexology, we have developed an online subscription website to enable access to expert tuition wherever you are!

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Filmed in the Pandemic year of 2021, which took place over a few months, the online Reflexology courses were recorded in a beautiful bright Conservatory treatment room setting where Sarah Jane Holt practices Reflexology in the heart of Devon, England.

We approached Award winning film Director, William Westaway from Rokethouse productions to record the content.

Film Production Company | London | Devon | ROKETHOUSE

Filmed with an expert eye and attention to detail, and professional production and editing that makes every aspect of the course content, both lectures and practical demonstrations clear and easy to follow.

We have broken down the course content into short easy to digest films, with each course to include approximately 10-15 short films of the different subject matter, with each film approximately 10 minutes each, a total running time of 3-4 hours of tuition per each course.

COURSES AVAILABLE: Details & Prices | Sarah Jane Holt Reflexology | Devon


The Beginner’s course in Reflexology is specifically designed for those new to Reflexology and intrigued to know more before embarking on a Full Qualification in their own country. We cover all the foundations of learning Reflexology that we would cover on the first day of the Level 3 Diploma to get you started, along with some basic techniques that you could practice on your family and friends. Handouts and attachments available to download to support learning.



History and Origins of Reflexology

Theories of How it Works



Detailed look at Foot Charts

Possible Professional Training

Examining the Feet

Relaxation Techniques

Basic Thumb Technique

Support and Working Hands

30 minute Taster Treatment

Course Subscription £100 one off payment. Valid for 12 months for unlimited access to course.


The Refresher Course in Reflexology is specifically designed for those who have already qualified as a Reflexologist with either a Level 3 Diploma or equivalent, and looking for an enhancement to their skills or have been out of practice for a while and need to regain confidence to start practicing again. We cover an update of the latest theories and research of how Reflexology works, an update of current Legislation and Contra-indications along with many practical demonstrations to improve effectiveness of treatments.Handouts and attachments available to download to support learning.



Theories/Research Update

Legislation Update

Contra-indications Update

Possible Treatment Reactions/Effects of Treatment

Consultation/Assessment of Client/Record Keeping

Examination of the Feet

Determining the Spine based on the bones of the feet

Spinal Nerves

Cranial Nerves

Linking Techniques

Watch a Full Treatment

Giving Feedback/Aftercare/Self-help advice

Reflective Practice

Course Subscription £110 one off payment. Valid for 12 months. Unlimited access to course content.