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If you would like to book a treatment with Sarah Jane Holt please give her a call on 07715622671

Appointments are available to book in Totnes, Devon on Monday-Fridays between 10am and 2pm.

Treatments usually take around 90 minutes and cost £50 per treatment.


Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works on the feet or hands to help heal the whole body. It can be used to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance and flow of energy.

People of all ages, from babies to great-grandparents, can benefit from reflexology. It works well alongside western medicine and other therapies – it is truly ‘complementary’. It is especially good for stress-related problems. Some stress is positive, as it helps us to work hard, but too much stress puts the immune system under pressure, so we suffer from ailments and illnesses more often, and feel constantly under par. Reflexology can help to prevent this from happening.


People can benefit from only one treatment, and clients often choose to come occasionally to enjoy an hour of deep relaxation. When treating longer-term or chronic conditions, more treatments are needed in order to feel the full benefits of reflexology. A few weekly treatments might be necessary at the beginning, followed by less frequent visits to maintain improvements in health.

Reflexology is extremely relaxing, and a relaxed person is a healthier person. It is an effective drug-free way to treat digestive and hormonal problems, asthma, arthritis, migraine, sinusitis and back trouble, and many other disorders.

The Ancient Healing Systems of China and India work on the principle that we have an invisible energy system of ‘Chi’ ( China ) or ‘Prana’ ( India ) running throughout our body. This energy even surrounds ourselves in the form of an ‘aura’ as provided by Kirlian Photography. Evidence shows when the body’s energy is low the energy field of the reflex areas of the feet will be diminished corresponding to the area of the body out of balance.

A Reflexologist can detect areas of blocked energy within the feet by feeling ‘crystal’ like deposits under the surface of the skin. Pressure on these areas can release the blockage and promote the free  flow of our subtle energy.

A Reflexology Treatment treats the whole of the body and mind.

A Medical Consultation will be taken detailing Operations and Illnesses, medication and the General Health of the client.

The foot or hand massage is normally one hour in duration.

Relaxation of the client is of the uppermost importance either lying down on a massage table or in a reclining chair with the feet raised.

Oils or powder are used to work the feet.

The treatment will use pressure on all the reflex areas of the feet, including all the corresponding areas of organs, glands, joints and muscles of the body.

Treatment will stimulate all the systems of the body : Nervous, Circulatory, Lymphatic, Endocrine, Respiratory, Reproductive, Digestive, etc.

A feeling of relaxation is achieved at the end of each session.

A series of sessions are recommended for long term health problems.

If you would like to book a treatment with Sarah Jane Holt, please give her a call on 07715622671

Treatments are available Monday-Friday between 10am and 2pm

Treatments take 90 minutes and cost £50