Reading List

Suggested Reading List – It is not necessary to buy all these books as part of the course, but to choose a few that appeal to you


Stories the feet can tell / The feet have told – Eunice Ingham

Better Health with Foot Reflexology ( The original Ingham method ) – Ingham Publishing

Reflexology Today – Dorren Bayley, Thorson Publishing

Reflex Zone Therapy of the Feet ( A text book for therapists ) – Hanne Marquardt, Thorson Publishing

Zone Therapy using Foot Massage – Astrid I Goosmann-Legger, C.W Daniel Company

The Reflexology Handbook ( a complete guide ) – Laura Norman, Piatkus

Reflexology – A Practical Approach – Vicki Pitmann with Kay Mackenzie, Stanley Thornes Publishers

Hand Reflexology – Louise Keets

Anatomy and Physiology

A Holistic Guide to Anatomy and Physiology – Tina Parsons, Thomson Learning

Ross and Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness – Kathleen J W Wilson and Anne Waugh, Churchill Livingstone

Complete Family Health Guide: New Medicine ( How to integrate complementary and conventional medicine for the safest and most effective treatment ) – Professor David Peters, Dorling Kindersley

The British Medical Association New Guide to Medicines and Drugs ( The complete home reference to over 2,500 medications ) – Dorling Kindersley

Other Suggested Material

You Can Heal Your Life – Louse Hay, Eden Grove Editions

The Body Mind Workshop – Debbie Shapiro, Element